Our Partners

Strategic Partnerships are key to our business operations!


One of the Premier Purchasing Cooperatives in North America providing compliant cooperative contracts for public agencies. We provide a proven process to eliminate purchasing related stress for governmental entities. Contact TIPS and let us save you time and money.


Tips Construction is in a unique position to bring value to local and national suppliers of facilities labor-based solutions AND value to local government, K-12 and higher education entities that are in search of efficiency, effectiveness and innovative ideas to drive down the overall cost of procurement.


Affinity Partners GPO, an affiliate of TIPS-USA is a national group purchasing organization (GPO) for the private sector that leverages purchasing power for national, enterprise and regional purchasers of goods and services. In Partnership with TIPS-USA, a national government cooperative (GPO), Affinity Partners generates cost savings via increased purchasing power with a streamlined procurement process, saving time and creating value in pre-vetted suppliers that extend their government contracts to the private sector.